Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Ground F.A.Q's

What's the benefit of shampoo bars?

What are the benefits of Agave?

How does the Higher Ground Money Back Guarantee work?

Where are your natural botanicals sourced from?

Are Higher Ground products suitable for all ages?

Product F.A.Q's

Which Higher Ground product is right for me?

How to use my shampoo or conditioner bar?

Are your products eco-friendly?

Are your products okay to use on coloured hair?

What are the shampoo bars made of?

Why does my bar do not last very long?

Sustainability F.A.Q's

What is your unique waterless production method?

What is your manufacturing process?

Is Higher Ground tested on animals?

Ingredient F.A.Q's

What is in the 'GENTLE & CALMING for SENSITIVE SCALPS' shampoo bar?

What is in the 'CLARIFYING & BALANCING for OILY HAIR' shampoo bar?

What is in the 'PURE & NOURISHING for ALL HAIR TYPES' shampoo bar?

What is in the 'VOLUMISING & STIMULATING for HAIR GROWTH' shampoo bar?

What is in the 'FORTIFYING & HYDRATING for DRY, FRIZZY & DAMAGED HAIR' shampoo bar?

What is in the 'MOISTURISING & ENRICHING for ALL HAIR TYPES' conditioner bar?

What is in the 'STRENGTHENING & TONING for BLONDE COLOURED HAIR' shampoo bar?